About us
Overzee was founded in Rotterdam in 2020. We started small, planning a dwelling around a large table. Our scope of work has now grown into a diverse portfolio of projects and approaches that includes residential, industrial and heritage projects in the Netherlands and Spain. Every project is used to learn something new - from the local resource map of an island to the complexities of restoring a listed monument. We constantly explore alternative architectural models that help us make better cities.

How we work
Each design is prepared with an inventory of the form-generating elements of the project, ranging from use-studies to legal frameworks and climate anaysis. Our architectural process is characterised by a meticulous attention to the cultural, intellectual and technological aspects of a building to reach a coherent whole. We craft models and mock-ups to bring the building site as close as possible to the design process. During construction, we work closely with all executing parties to steer through the uncertainities and opportunities of building. From the very beginning, we deploy BIM tools (Building Information Modelling) to give our clients and partners real-time insight into the project’s parameters through a digital twin of the building and its anatomy.

Who we are
Kees Fritschy obtained his master's degree in architecture from the TU Delft (cum laude) and studied at The University of Melbourne before. During his master he was student-assistant in the Architectural Engineering graduation studio at the TU Delft. He gained practical experience in the offices of Cepezed in Delft and Studio Maarten van Kesteren in Amsterdam. Kees works as a multidisciplinary creative. Currently, he investigates architectural qualities through the medium of painting.

Hellmer Rahms studied architecture at the TU Munich and the University of Bath before obtaining a Master of Science at the TU Delft (cum laude), his graduation being nominated for the national Archiprix NL. He has worked internationally on a wide variety of projects in the offices of David Chipperfield, HENN Architekten and Monadnock, overseeing the housing projects in Utrecht and leading the projects in Germany for the latter. Hellmer has been a tutor at the TU Munich.

Kees & Hellmer both teach at the Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst since 2023.
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Van Vollenhovenstraat 12B
3016 BH Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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Our whole body of work is subject to the first revision of the Legal relationship client architect, engineer and Enactment and deposit consultant DNR 2011, which is quoted in short as DNR 2011, filed at the registry of the Court of Justice in Amsterdam on 3 July 2013 under number 56/2013.