We engage with disciplines in- and outside architecture, using space, technology, art and time as means for architectural quality and richness of experience. We strive for buildings that have a positive net contribution to the overall urban ecology. We use our work as a vehicle to research the technical and cultural complexities that this entails, in order to live up to the qualities we seek.

Team: Kees Fritschy, Hellmer Rahms
K: +31 (0)6 309 809 62
H: +31 (0)6 414 332 82

Van Vollenhovenstraat 12B
3016 BH Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Our whole body of work is subject to the first revision of the Legal relationship client architect, engineer and Enactment and deposit consultant DNR 2011, which is quoted in short as DNR 2011, filed at the registry of the Court of Justice in Amsterdam on 3 July 2013 under number 56/2013.